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Hey it Jonathan Otto here…

Did you know, over 40 million people a year in the U.S. are affected by anxiety and 300 million people around the world have depression?  In my video series covering these topics, you will discover the true root cause of mental illness and the powerful little-known cutting-edge protocols that are healing people around the world. It’s a must see! 

Check out the trailer below  along with more details on how you can win BIG by sharing this series with your audience between May 8th – May 20th, 2019:

We payout 50% on digital sales and 40% on physical. Plus, we plan on giving over $30,000 in cash prizes during this upcoming launch!

We did a soft launch in Fall 2018 with 10 partners and the results were incredible.

58,000 opt-in’s and...

Almost $500k in revenue

Earnings per lead for affiliates were right around $4 and gross earning per lead $8.25

We payout 50% on digital sales and 40% on physical. Plus, we plan on giving over $30,000 in cash prizes during this upcoming launch 🙂

Just between our last two Autoimmune Secrets launches last summer we paid out close to $800,000 in affiliate commissions! And the craziest part... that amount was shared between only 80 affiliates. On ALL of our events, our average earning per lead is over $4 for the affiliate (It’s over $8 gross EPL)…

Your subscribers will get top notch produced content that’s literally saving lives and as an affiliate, it will be one of the best converting (if not the best) offers you run all year!

See just a few results here below...

iThrive sent us 10,399 leads and made a whopping $52,998.30 in commissions.

Dr. Eric Z sent us 7,521 leads and made $30,333 in commissions.

Manny Goldman with The Sacred Plant has promoted us on two different occasions and made over $104,000.00 in commissions!

The Schedule:

The "Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets" Series

 Docuseries Is LIVE May 20th, 2019

  PRE-LAUNCH: May 8th - May 20th

  LIVE VIEWING: May 20th - May 30th – (10 episodes)

  ENCORE WEEKEND: June 1st - June 2nd
– (Closes at Midnight)

How the Event Works

We will release Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets to the public for viewing on Wednesday, May 8th and the promo will officially end at midnight, Sunday, June 2nd.

To participate, all you need to do is send users to an opt-in page during the pre-launch promo period (May 8th – May 20th) where they can get several free gifts, plus a sneak peek of what they will be seeing in our trailer.

Participants can watch 8 Episodes for free and they will have an option to purchase all of the episodes and the recording of each interview.

We start the pre-launch promotion period on May 8th, and episode 1 will be released on May 20th, with the rest of the episodes released 24 hours apart.

The Product Offer:

Registrants will be given multiple opportunities to purchase recordings of the entire series, and bonus materials, in digital format or physical DVD format (or both).

If those who opt-in/sign up from your unique link later purchase the Silver Package, you will make a commission of 50% on the Silver Digital version which will cost $67-97, and 40% on the Silver Physical version, which costs $147.

If those who opt-in/sign up from your unique link later purchase the Gold Package, you will make a commission of 50% on the Gold Digital version which will cost $147, and 40% on the Gold Physical Version, which costs $247.

Why are people making so much money? Because it converts high

Fun fact, Jeff Hays (an excellent fellow-filmmaker) has made a lot of money from this offer, in fact over $80,000… and he sent to his list yet again, and while he “only” got 1,135 leads he made $9,426 which was a whopping $8.31 Earning Per Lead! 

This is a proven promotion that addresses serious health problems that many have struggled with for years.

We continually receive amazing feedback from viewers, customers, and JV partners each time we run this proven promo.

Our affiliate system tracks everyone you send our way and we pay you generous commissions on sales. Plus, I brought on affiliate superstar, Jamie Martorano, so she can provide support and help you  generate the most sales during these launches! 

Don’t hesitate to reach her at:

Partners on Board

Ty & Charlene Bollinger

Nick Polizzi

Ocean Robbins

Manny Goldman

Manny Goldman

Jeff Hayes & Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Sonia Ricotti

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Sayer Ji

Pedram Shojai

Jon Hunsaker

Jesse Cannone

We plan on giving over $30,000 in cash prizes during this upcoming launch!


Please enter your details on this page to be considered for our affiliate program. Remember that we handle all the fulfillment details, including order processing, shipment when required, billing and customer service.

All you need to do is to mail to your email list or post to your social profiles during our pre-launch period!

100% of commissions owed will be paid after each launch.

All payments will be made via PayPal. Please make sure we have a valid W9 or W8BEN on file or payments will not be made.

We use Ontraport for affiliate tracking.  

We are last referrer (lead) in and pay lifetime commissions on this product. Each lead you refer will be tagged to you for life unless overwritten by another affiliate.  

If a lead is tagged to you and they end up purchasing down the road (versus immediately), you will still earn commissions on them.

We will also provide a login where you can go to track the number of visits from your links, find all of our marketing material and view your commission statistics.

We have a simple process to help you be successful:

  1. Click here to sign up.

  2. Receive approval and get your unique affiliate links.

  3. Use the promotion material we provide to send to your list or post on social media during the time frame that we suggest (please don’t mail before Feb 28th). When a user clicks that link it sets a tracking cookie on their unique computer IP address.

  4. When a purchase is made from that IP address the system will track that and you will get credit.

  5. Within 14 business days of the close of the summit, you will be paid 100% of your commissions.  

  6. We will pay you automatically through PayPal and send you a notice via email.

It’s that simple.

If you are ready to participate in the fun, fill out the form here. Thank you!